Ready for Easter!

 These are such a sweet way to make up a little girl's Easter basket. They are a soft fabric basket that hold their shape.
 After all the Easter fun is over, you still have a great little purse. I had so much fun with this idea that I got carried away and made a bunch of them. If you want one for your very own, check out my shop on etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/livingsweetly?ref=si_shop

 This is my all time favorite way to decorate eggs. I love bringing the different shapes of nature with natural looking colors onto them.
 It's very simple. All you do is gather a variety of your favorite leaves, flowers, grass, etc. and get a pair of old panty hose. Cut off a piece of the panty hose that will stretch around an egg, press the leaf to the egg and tightly stretch the panty hose around it. Rubber band the end so it stays on tight, then dip in any color of dye you like. Here are the lovely results.